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Injury Page Explained

The nifty Injury Page displays information about a patient’s injury, including mandated claim information and associated contacts, such as adjustors, attorneys, PTP, and more.

Add Injury

Adding an Injury to a patient’s record is easy as pie. For multiple injuries, just repeat the process.

Edit or View Injury

Need to edit information on the Injury page, or see previous edits? No problem!

Claim Number Patterns

To help prevent bill rejections due to incorrect claim numbers, DaisyBill stores Claim Number Patterns.


Some claims administrators require additional information to correctly route bills for processing.

Claims Administrator: None

DaisyBill submits electronically to all compliant California claims administrators, but not every bill is paid by a claims administrator.  Some are paid directly by the attorney, employer, etc.  Select ‘None’ when you need to send a bill to an entity that is not a claims administrator.

Delete Injury / Patient

Make a mistake? Get new information? Deleting a patient or injury is no sweat.

Create Paper SBRs

Need to create paper Second Reviews?

Injury Medical Provider Network (MPN)

The Injury Medical Provider Network (MPN) Tool allows you to quickly attach an approved MPN to a specific patient injury and verify which providers are in the MPN.

Claims Administrator Profile

The Claims Administrator Profile means you’ll never hunt for claims administrator information again.

Add, Edit, or Delete Contacts

Here’s how to add, edit, or delete Contact information on the Injury Page. It’s easy, we promise.

Add / Edit / Delete Documents

Some documents are too important to misplace. Use Injury Documents to store important things (like Joint Letters, or Declarations of Readiness) so they don’t get lost.


Need to keep track of important Injury information? Of course you do.