Bill Tasks
Bill Tasks

Task: Send Bill

Last update
May 31, 2023

If daisyBill detects a compliant Bill that hasn’t yet been sent, you’ll get a Send Bill task.  Completing this task is easy!

Step 1. Review the bill, then click ‘Send’

You will be prompted to select a submission method once the ‘Send’ button has been clicked.

Step 2. Select your Submission Method

Most bills will offer three submission methods: Via daisyBill, Fax, or Download PDF.

‘Via daisyBill’ is usually the best option for sending your bills. Our team researches and curates the best routes for getting your bills to the claims administrator. Choosing ‘Via daisyBill’ will select the best option available.

‘Fax’ allows you to enter a custom fax number where the bill will be sent.

‘Download PDF’ allows you to download a .pdf file of the bill. If you have added an injury contact, you can select them from the dropdown menu.

Once you have selected your submission method and have clicked Send, daisyBill immediately and automatically sends the bill to the claims administrator. You can no longer modify, delete, or rescind the bill.

That’s it! Bill submitted!

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