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Void Posted Payment

Last update
February 12, 2024

To correct an erroneously posted payment, click the Void icon on the Bill Page. 

Clicking Void next to a payment:

  • Removes the Allowed amounts associated with the payment.
  • If a single check payment reimburses multiple bills, voiding a posted bill payment voids all posted payments for all bills associated with that check.
  • If appropriate, the Bill Status changes and new tasks populate. For more information, see the Help Topics: Bill Status and Bill Tasks.

Step 1. In ‘Explanations of Review - EOR’, click the ‘X’ icon to Void a Payment

Only Organization Admins can Void payments.

For bills with multiple Payments, be sure and choose the appropriate reimbursement to Void.

Step 2. Complete the ‘Void Reason’, then click ‘Void’

The Void Reason is recorded in the Bill History.

A warning appears if a single check payment reimburses multiple bills -- it alerts you that voiding the selected Payment will void payments on all bills associated with the check.

That should do the trick!

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