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June 3, 2023

Update your Billing Provider Info, including your Pay-to address, phone and fax number

Step 1. On the navigation bar, click ‘Billing Providers’, then click the ‘Gear’ icon

This will navigate directly to the specified Billing Provider.

Alternatively, select Manage All Billing Providers to view all the Billing Providers associated with your account.

The Manage All Billing Providers feature is limited to users with the Role of Administrator.

If your account only has one Billing Provider, click ‘Settings’, and move to Step 3.

Step 2. Click the ‘Billing Provider’ name

Each Billing Provider maintains its own settings. A red ‘X’ icon indicates required information has not been completed. To turn on a new Billing Provider, please contact us via the Help Center.

Step 3. Click the ‘Billing Provider Info’ card

A green ‘Checkmark’ icon in the lower right corner of the card indicates Billing Provider Info has been completed for the Billing Provider.  A red ‘X’ icon indicates Billing Provider Info has not been completed.

Step 4. To edit Billing Provider Information click ‘Edit’

Note: Once a bill has been created and submitted, the Bill Type (Professional, Pharmacy, Institutional) for a Billing Provider cannot be changed.

Step 5. To Deactivate a Billing Provider select ‘No’ under ‘Active?’

When a new Billing Provider is added, they are automatically marked as Active. To deactivate a Billing Provider and prevent it from displaying in your Billing Provider Menu, click No.

You’re all set!

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