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Pharmaceutical Billing: Invalid NDC Number

If an NDC number entered on a Bill is not included in California’s workers’ comp pharmacy fee schedule (or if the NDC number is expired), DaisyBill prevents submission until the error is corrected.

For physician dispensed drugs, DaisyBill automatically calculate Charges and Expected Amounts based on the reimbursements assigned to NDC numbers by California’s workers’ comp pharmacy fee schedule.

Each week DaisyBill updates the NDC reimbursement amounts to match California’s updated workers’ comp pharmacy fee schedule.

Should you need to override DaisyBill and submit with an invalid or expired NDC number, follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Enter ‘99070’ under ‘Procedure Code’

Step 2. In the ‘Supplemental Data’ field, enter ‘NDC’ before the number

Prefacing the NDC number with the letters ‘NDC’ overrides DaisyBill’s scrub for the NDC number. Do not enter any additional information in the new data field.

Step 3. Enter ‘Charge Per Unit,’ then the number of units

DaisyBill automatically calculates Charges and Expected Amounts based on ‘Charge per Unit’ and the number of units entered.

Step 4. Enter any additional Procedure Codes, then click ‘Create Bill’

You’re all set!

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