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Apply Second Review / Appeal Reasons

Last update
January 26, 2024

When submitting a request for Second Review, use your saved Second Review Reasons to populate the Reason for Requesting Second Bill Review field. Second Review Reasons save time by standardizing the language used in this field.

Depending on the State selected for the Injury, the Action Bar will display the option to either Second Review or Appeal. If California is selected as the Injury State, the option to Second Review will display. For all other states, the option to Appeal will display instead.

For help creating Second Review / Appeal Reasons in your Settings see the Help Article: Second Review / Appeal Reasons.

Step 1. From the Bill Page, click ‘Second Review’ / ‘Appeal’

Step 2. Select the ‘Procedure Code(s)’ that require(s) Second Review / Appeal

Step 3. Select a ‘Reason for Requesting Second Review / Appeal’

Second Review / Appeal Reasons can be edited on an individual Second Review / Appeal without changing the saved language.

Step 4. if necessary, repeat steps 1-3 for additional‘Procedure Codes. Then, click ‘Save’

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