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Bill Task Preferences

Last update
August 9, 2023

By default, daisyBill assigns bill tasks to the staff member who created the bill, i.e., the Bill Creator. But if that’s not efficient for you, Administrators can use Bill Task Preferences to change the default assignment preferences.

This lets you delegate task types to a specific staff member.

Step 1. On the navigation bar, click ‘Settings’, then click the name of the Billing Provider

This will navigate directly to the specified Billing Provider.

The ability to Manage All Billing Providers feature is limited to users with the Role of Administrator. For daisyBill accounts with multiple Billing Providers, daisyBill maintains separate Bill Task Preferences for each Billing Provider.

Step 2. Click the ‘Billing Settings - Custom’ tab

Step 3. Click the ‘Bill Task Preferences’ card

Step 4. To edit a ‘Task Assignment,’ click ‘Edit’

Tasks are organized based on their associated Bill Status. For more information about Bill Status, see this Help Topic.

Optional: When Available, Set Task Due Day Delay

Delays the Due Date of the task to the specified number of days after task creation.  The task will still create, but will not appear on task list until the Due Date.  Tasks that allow for Due Date delay have a ‘^’ next to them.

Step 5. Choose an ‘Assignment’ preference for each ‘Task’

The default assignment for all tasks is Bill Creator.

  1. Bill Creator - assigns all future Tasks of that type to the user who created the Bill
  2. User - assigns all future Tasks of that type to a specific user

For each assignment, you can select the Add Exception feature to filter based on other elements of the Bill. When an exception is added, the Task will be assigned to the Bill Creator or User user EXCEPT for bills with the parameters you selected.

  1. By Claims Administrator - assigns all future Tasks of that type to the Bill Creator or User  based on the Bill’s Claims Administrator
  2. By Rendering Provider - assigns all future Tasks of that type to the Bill Creator or User based on the Bill’s Rendering Provider
  3. By Place of Service - assigns all future Tasks of that type to the Bill Creator or User based on the Bill’s Place of Service

Note: Credit for task completion is given to the user who completed the task, regardless of the assigned user.

Step 6. To delete an exception, click ‘Remove’

Step 7. To add another exception, click ‘Add Another’

Delegation done!

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