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Payment Deposit Date Missing Explained

Last update
July 31, 2023

The Payment Deposit Date Missing page provides detailed information about payments posted to bills in daisyBill where a deposit date has not been provided indicating the payment has been received.

Here’s how the Payment Deposit Date Missing page works:

Step 1. Click ‘Tasks’ in the Navigation Bar

Step 2. Click ‘Payment Deposit Date Missing’

Step 3. For Accounts with multiple Billing Providers: select the Billing Provider for whom you are adding Deposit Date(s)

Step 4. Select payments to add Deposit Date

A running count and total amount is displayed for selected payments.  

Pro Tip: use the search field to search by any data element.  Sort a column by clicking on the column heading.

Step 5. Click ‘Add Deposit Date’ and provide deposit date

And that’s all!

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