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RFA Tasks

RFA Task: Fax Failed

Last update
March 23, 2023

When an RFA fax fails to send, daisyBill assigns a Fax Failed task to the designated user and, sends an email to the designated user.

Step 1. Review the fax recipient’s information to ensure everything is correct

This displays the Fax Receipt details on the RFA History, including the Fax Number, Number of Pages, and date and time submitted.

Step 2. Click the ‘Send’ button

Step 3. Select your RFA recipient

Click the pencil icon to make edits to the RFA Fax number

Step 4. Review the fax number used

The number most recently used will appear in the Fax Number box. Ensure there are no mistakes or errant numbers.

Step 5. Click ‘Fax RFA’

If your fax continues to fail, contact the adjuster and request a different fax number.

You’re good to go!

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