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Searching in DaisyBill is easy -- use the Search field in the navigation bar to find a patient or a specific Bill ID.

To Search, enter either:

  • Bill ID number to navigate to a specific bill, or
  • Patient name or partial patient name to locate a specific patient.

Use Advanced Search to search for more targeted searches, with the option to filter by Billing Provider.

Step 1.  On the navigation bar, click ‘Search for Patient or Enter Bill ID’

A. Search by Bill ID number: Type the Bill ID number and hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard or click the ‘Magnifying Glass’ icon

This will navigate directly to the bill you want.

B.  Search by Patient name for a specific patient: Type the partial name and select the correct patient from the dropdown

Selecting a patient navigates to the Patient Page or the Injury Page.

C. Search by Patient name for a list: type the partial name, and hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard or click the ‘Magnifying Glass’ icon, then select the correct patient

Do this if your patient doesn’t appear in the dropdown.

Easy, eh?

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