Add / View Injury Notes

Need to keep track of important Injury information? Of course you do!

Use Injury Notes on the Injury Page to store date-stamped notes related to the patient’s claim or injury.

Injury Notes appear on all Bill Histories for all bills associated with the injury.

Step 1.  From the Injury Page, click ‘Add’ under ‘Injury Notes’

The number in parentheses next to View indicates the number of Injury Notes added to the injury.

Step 2.  Enter the Injury Note, then click ‘Add’

Step 3.  To view the ‘Injury Note’, click ‘View’

Step 4.  Note that your comment also appears in ‘Bill History’ for all Bills for the Injury

Workers’ comp billing can feel like a juggling act but it doesn’t have to with Injury Notes!

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