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Mark Bill as Lien - Lien Filed

Use DaisyBill’s Lien feature to distinguish outstanding lien bills from bills pending response.

Once a bill is marked Lien, a summary of the patient’s lien bills appears on the patient’s Injury page. Here’s how the process works.

Step 1. With a bill in ‘Processed’ or ‘Accepted’ status, go to the Bill Page, then click ‘Lien’

Bill must be in Processed or Accepted status with an Overdue Processing task.

Step 2. Check the ‘Have You Filed a Lien?’ box, then enter the filing date

Step 3. Click ‘Mark as Lien’

This marks the bill as a Lien for DaisyBill tracking purposes. 

Remember, DaisyBill cannot file liens. You must file liens outside DaisyBill.

Step 4. To view a summary of a patient’s Lien Bills, from the Injury Page, click the ‘Lien (Filed)’ tab

We know liens are frustrating. Good luck!

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