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Mark Bill as Lien - Lien Filed

Last update
November 13, 2023

Use daisyBill’s Lien feature to identify Bills requiring a Lien or that have been filed for Lien.

Once a bill is marked Lien, a summary of the patient’s lien bills appears on the patient’s Injury page. Here’s how the process works.

Step 1. With a Bill in ‘Processed’ or ‘Accepted’ status, go to the Bill Page, then click ‘Lien’

Step 2. Optional: If a lien has been filed, check ‘Have You Filed a Lien?’, then enter the filing date

Step 3. Click ‘Add Lien’

This marks the bill as a Lien for daisyBill tracking purposes.

Remember, daisyBill cannot file liens. You must file liens outside daisyBill.

Step 4. To view a summary of a patient’s Lien Bills, from the Injury Page, click ‘View’ next to ‘Lien Filed’

We know liens are frustrating. Good luck!

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