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Add / Edit / Delete Documents

Some documents are too important to misplace. Use Injury Documents to store important things (like Joint Letters, or Declarations of Readiness) so they don’t get lost.

Step 1. From the Injury page, click ‘Documents’

The number listed in the parenthesis indicates the number of documents currently added to the injury.

Step 2.  To add a document, click ‘Add Document’

Step 3. Drag and drop your file, or click ‘Choose’ to search for it

Step 4.  Add a description, then click ‘Upload Document’Step 5.  Click on a document to view, edit, or dele

Step 6. To view a document, click the ‘View’ tab

Step 7.  To update a description: type the new description, then click ‘Update Description’  

Step 8.  To delete a document: click ‘Delete’

Adding, editing, or deleting Injury documents is no sweat!

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