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Drug Formulary Explained

Use the Drug Formulary to Filter the drug list by Drug Class, Condition, ACOEM Recommendation and /or Exemption Status.

The Drug Formulary is a searchable index of the California MTUS Drug List (CCR §9792.27.15) that went into effect 1/1/18 for all dates of injury.  For the complete regulations, see CCR §9792.27.1 – §9792.27.23

Drugs not listed on the MTUS Drug List are considered ‘Unlisted’ as long as they are an FDA-approved or a nonprescription drug that is marketed pursuant to an FDA OTC Monograph. An “unlisted drug” does not include a compounded drug but does include a combination drug.

Here’s how it works.

Click on ‘Drug Formulary’

Step 1. Hover over column headings for definitions

View the complete list, or Filter and / or Search to find something specific.

Step 2. Optional: Select one or more ‘Filters’ and click ‘Filter’

Filters limit results.  Add a Filter to limit results by Exemption Status, Drug Class, Condition and/or ACOEM Recommendation.

Exemption Status: Status of the drug (exempt or non-exempt) per the MTUS Drug List.  

  • Non-Exempt: drug requires authorization prior to prescribing or dispensing.
  • Exempt: drug may be prescribed / dispensed without seeking authorization through Prospective Review if in accordance with MTUS.  Exempt drugs are limited to one 7-day supply at initial visit within seven days of the date of injury without Prospective Review.

Drug Class: Classification of the Drug per MTUS Drug List

Condition: MTUS guideline topics that references drug per the MTUS Drug List.

ACOEM Recommendation: Treatment recommendation for drug on listed Condition per ACOEM Recommendation.

Step 3. Optional: Enter a search term

To undo, erase the text in the ‘Search’ box.

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