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NCPDP Apply Billing Template

Last update
February 23, 2024

Billing Templates get your billing done even faster.  Billing Templates automatically populate bills with predesignated service line item information.

To create Billing Templates, click Billing Providers on the navigation bar, then select Manage Billing Providers. Click the Custom Settings tab, then click the Billing Templates card.  Only Organization Admins can access Manage Billing Providers, so make sure you’re authorized. For more information, see the Help Article: NCPDP Billing Templates.

Step 1. From the Injury Page, click ‘Add Bill’

This is available from the Bill Count breadcrumb, as well as the right side of your screen on the Injury Page.

Step 2. Select ‘Billing Template’ and click ‘Apply’

Step 3. Enter additional Required fields for the Bill, then click ‘Create Bill’

Onward with beautiful billing!

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