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Upload Decision

Easily track and manage RFA responses using Upload Decision.  

Here’s how it works.

Step 1. From the RFA Page, click ‘Upload Decision’

The Upload Decision button only appears for submitted RFAs.

Step 2. Complete the required fields, then click ‘Upload Decision’

  • Enter Decision Type (required)
  • Enter Decision Date (required)
  • Enter Comments (optional)
  • Upload RFA Response documentation (optional). DaisyBill’s best practices are to always upload your Decisions so they’re easily available to attach to bills as Supporting Documentation.

upload decision.gif

Step 3. To view an uploaded Decision, click the ‘View’ link

Step 4. To edit an uploaded Decision, click the ‘Pencil’ icon

Step 5. To delete an uploaded Decision, click the ‘Trashcan’ icon

All done!

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