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Posting UR Decisions back to your RFAs is a critical step in tracking your RFAs and completing the RFA workflow.  Plus, it makes the UR Decision easily available to your billers!  Read on for directions on how to add UR Decisions to a Sent RFA.

Step 1. Scroll to the Service/Good Requested that received a UR Decision, and click ‘Add UR Decision’

Step 2. Enter the ‘Decision Type’ and ‘UR’ decision date

Step 3. Optional: Enter the Expiration Date and Additional Information

The optional Expiration field allows an expiration date for the service to be entered.  If no expiration date was included, select None 

The Additional Information field allows for an optional summary of the decision.  This field is especially helpful if the Service/Good Requested was modified.

Step 4. Optional: Copy UR decision to other Service/Good Requested

Only use the copy feature if the decision was the same for other Service/Good Requested.  When more than one UR Decision, or different decision types are sent back for a single RFA, post each UR Decision received individually.

Step 5. Optional: Drag and drop or click ‘Browse’ to locate the UR Decision File

Uploading UR Decisions to your RFA is a best practice. In addition to having the document at your fingertips, it will also be available to your billers to attach to bills!

Step 6. Click ‘Add’

Step 7. Click the Edit icon next to Requested Treatment to edit UR Decision

Step 8. Click the Trashcan icon to delete UR Decision


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