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Add / Send RFA

DaisyBill makes creating and submitting Requests for Authorization (RFAs) a snap. To get started, follow these steps.

RFA Templates: Add / Edit / Delete

RFA Templates get your authorizations done even faster.  RFA Templates automatically populate RFAs with predesignated Service Line Item information.

Failed RFA Submissions

If at first you don’t succeed, try again (but don’t make the same mistake twice!).  If you receive an email indicating your RFA fax failed to send, follow these simple steps.

RFA Page Explained

Requests for Authorization (RFAs) are listed on the patient’s Injury page. Use the RFA page to track the RFAs for an injury.

Forward RFA

Need to fax or email a submitted RFA to a third party? No problem! Use the Forward RFA feature.

Upload Decision

Easily track and manage RFA responses using Upload Decision.  

RFA Status Explained

All Requests for Authorization (RFAs) generated in DaisyBill maintain a Status. For efficiency’s sake, it’s important to know what each Status means.

RFA History Explained

RFA History chronicles the details of an RFA submission and response.

RFA Task: Send RFA

If DaisyBill detects a compliant RFA that hasn’t yet been sent, you’ll get a Send RFA task.

RFA Task: Document Required

Once an RFA is submitted, DaisyBill checks for errors. If DaisyBill detects a missing Document, DaisyBill assigns a Document Required task. When this happens, DaisyBill does not submit the RFA and marks the RFA as Incomplete.

RFA Task: No Response

After the UR Decision Due date passes, you’ll get a No Response task. To complete this task, enter the UR Decision information and upload the UR Decision.