Add Requesting Physician Signature

When creating an RFA, if the Requesting Physician signature is not on file, a yellow notification will appear. Read on to learn how to add a Requesting Physician signature!


Step 1. Click ‘Add a signature here.’

A new tab will open in your browser directing you to the Requesting Physician page.

Step 2. Click ‘Edit’

Step 3. Under ‘Requesting Physician Signature’, click ‘Choose File’ to upload a signature file from your computer

Alternatively, click Or Add signature to draw a signature with your mouse.

If you need help with the signature, feel free to email the signature in any file format to When the signature is formatted and uploaded, DaisyBill will send you a confirmation email.

Step 4. Click ‘Save Changes’

When you navigate back to the RFA and refresh the page in your browser, the yellow notification will be gone now and you may continue working on the RFA.

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