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Manage Users - Locked Users

Last update
May 26, 2022

Need to lock or unlock a DaisyBill user? No sweat!

Step 1. On the navigation bar, click your ‘User’ icon, then select ‘Manage Users’

Only Administrators can access this feature.

Step 2. To lock a user, click ‘Lock User’

Locked users can’t access DaisyBill.  A user loses access as soon as their account is locked.

If this user has incomplete tasks assigned to them, you will be prompted to reassign these tasks to another user.

Step 3. To see a list of locked users, click the ‘Locked Users’ tab

Step 4. To unlock a user, click ‘Unlock User’

Unlocking a user immediately restores their DaisyBill access.

That was easy!

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