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Manage Users - Locked Users

Last update
September 25, 2023

Need to lock or unlock a daisyBill user? No sweat!

Step 1. On the navigation bar, click ‘Settings’, followed by ‘Manage Users’

Only Administrators can access this feature.

Step 2. To lock a user, toggle the ‘Active’ switch

Locked users can’t access daisyBill.  A user who is logged in when locked will be immediately logged out and will not be able to login again unless unlocked.

If the user being locked has Incomplete Tasks or Task Preferences assigned to them, you will be notified and a summary of Incomplete Tasks and current impacted Task Preferences will be displayed. For more information on updating Tasks and Task Preference see the Help Articles:

Batch Update Tasks

Bill Task Preferences

RFA Task Preferences

Step 4. Click ‘Lock’ to confirm locking of user

Step 5. To unlock a user, toggle the ‘Active’ switch

Unlocking a user immediately restores their daisyBill access.

That was easy!

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