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Invalid 835 Electronic EOR

Last update
October 5, 2023

daisyBill’s smart billing technology knows how to identify invalid 835s posted by the clearinghouse. The two most common reasons for an invalid 835 are for an Invalid 835 Payee or for a Duplicate Payment.

What action needs to be taken for an Invalid 835? None! To save you time and effort, daisyBill automatically voids these invalid 835s for you. The voided 835 will appear in the posting table with an orange ‘835 Invalid Data’ flag, plus the reason for voiding, for transparency.  

1. Invalid 835 Payee

When the payee on the 835 is an entity other than the provider who submitted the bill, daisyBill will automatically void the 835. This is commonly seen when the Payer forwards a bill to a Network vendor for further processing of the bill. The final payment will ultimately come from the Network that received the forwarded bill.

2. Duplicate Payment

daisyBill also voids 835s when the Reference Number and Payment Amount match an existing posting.


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