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Report Builder

Use DaisyBill’s report builder to make custom reports to see the information that is important to you.

Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1. On the Navigation Bar, click ‘Reporting’

Only users with the Role of Reporter or Organization Admin have this button.

Step 2. Click ‘Report Builder’

Step 3. To build a new report, click the desired report type

Each report type provides different Columns, Values, and Filters for customization.  

Step 4. Select ‘Columns’

Columns provide the Report’s data elements. Repeat step to select additional Columns.  Columns display in the order selected. To reorder Columns, drag and drop.  

Step 5. Optional: click ‘Values’, and select one or more values

Values provide sums and totals. Repeat step to add additional Values. Values display in the order selected. To reorder Values, drag and drop.  To include Count, check Bill Count box.

Step 6. Optional: click ‘Filters’, and select one or more filters

 Use Filters to limit Report results to results that match the filter.  Repeat step to add additional Filters.  

  • Filters with dropdown selections (e.g. Claims Administrator); make one or more selections from dropdown.  
  • Filters with free text fields (e.g. Procedure Code) type all or part of filter into text field.  
  • Filters with date fields click date to update date range.

Step 7. Click ‘Run Report’

Step 8. To download to CSV, click ‘Download CSV’

Download CSV downloads report in a spreadsheet compatible format for saving or further viewing. For reports over 1000 lines, Download CSV is required to view the complete report.

Step 9. To save the Report settings, click ‘Save’, name the Report, then click ‘Save’

Once saved, Report will appear under Saved Reports on Report Builder page.

Step 10. To edit Columns, Values or Filters, click ‘Edit’, make changes, then click ‘Run Report’

That’ll come in handy!

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