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Choose Bill Submission Method

Yes, DaisyBill even makes bill submission easy. Here’s a guide to smart submission with DaisyBill.

From the Bill, click ‘Submit’

Via DaisyBill

Via DaisyBill is always the best choice. DaisyBill’s extensive database includes electronic, email, fax and mail routes for every claims administrator in California.  Our Compliance Team regularly reviews and updates DaisyBill’s routes.

When you select Via DaisyBill we automatically route your bill via the most efficient method for your bill submission type (Original, Second Review) and bill type (Medical Treatment, Pharmacy, Copy Service, Med-Legal, etc).  We know precisely the best way to get you paid the fastest.

Via DaisyBill Mail

When DaisyBill’s most efficient route is U.S. Mail, a mail surcharge is applicable.  You are always notified of the surcharge prior to bill submission and given the option to submit the bill via an Alternative Bill Submission Method.

Alternative Bill Submission Methods

  • Fax allows you to enter a fax number and attention (name) of an alternative recipient for the Bill and Supporting Documents.

  • Download PDF allows you to select an address from an Injury Contact.  Selecting Download PDF creates a downloadable document for mailing that includes Bill Form (NCPDP, CMS1500, UB-04 depending on bill type), Supporting Documents, and DaisyBill's famous Bill Submission cover sheet.

And that’s it -- happy DaisyBilling!

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