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NCPDP Add Injury

Adding an Injury to a patient’s record is easy as pie. For multiple injuries, just repeat the process.

Step 1. From the Patient Page, go to ‘Injuries,’ then click ‘Add’

Step 2. Enter ‘Injury Description’

Injury Description does not populate on the bill; this information is only for internal reference.

Step 3. Enter ‘Employer Name’

Step 4. Enter ‘Employer Address’

Employer Address is required for NCPDP bills.

Step 5. Enter ‘Injury Start Date’

For cumulative trauma injuries, select Yes under Cumulative Trauma, and enter the Injury End Date. For a patient with multiple injury dates for a single claim number, use the earliest injury date.

Step 6.  Search for ‘Claims Administrator’

Type a partial claims administrator name, and select from the dropdown menu. Some Claims Administrators require additional routing information. For more information, see the Help Article: Payer.

Note: If you can’t find the correct claims administrator, select Add Claims Administrator or contact DaisyBill for assistance.

Step 7. Enter ‘Injury Claim Number’

Enter only ONE claim number per injury. For an injury with multiple claim numbers, contact the adjuster to determine the correct claim number for billing purposes. For a patient with multiple injuries, add a new injury (Step 1) for each claim number. For some Claims Administrators, DaisyBill provides information on Claim Number Patterns.

Step 8.  Optional (recommended): select ‘Claim Status’ and enter ‘Claim Status Date’

Providing Claim Status and Claim Status Date allows for reporting on Injury status.

Step 9. Optional: select ‘Medical Provider Network’

Click Select to view the list of MPNs, then click Select next to the MPN’s name. For more information, see the Help Article: MPN List

Step 10. Optional: enter ‘ADJ Number’

Step 11.  Click ‘Add Injury’

Nice work!

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