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Task: No Response

When a reimbursement is not posted to the bill in the mandated timeframes, DaisyBill automatically assigns a No Response task to the designated user.

This indicates untimely bill processing by the Claims Administrator, and interest / penalties may be due. For Original Bills and Second Bill Reviews, the timeframe is 45 days.

To complete this task, contact the claims administrator to determine payment status and manually post a reimbursement from the paper EOR.

Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1. From the Bill Page, click ‘Claims Administrator Profile’, then contact the Claims Administrator and obtain payment status

In most circumstances, calling Bill Review is the most efficient way to determine the status of the bill payment.

Step 2. To record payment status, click ‘Processed’, ‘In Process’, or ‘Submit’

If the bill is paid and the EOR is unavailable to post, click ‘Processed’  

The claims administrator indicated the bill was processed and the Explanation of Review previously forwarded.

To complete the ‘No Response’ task and generate a ‘EOR Missing’ task, enter the check information provided by the Claims Administrator

If the bill is on file but pending finalization, click ‘In Process’, then enter the call details in the ‘Comment’ field

If the Claims Administrator acknowledged receipt of the bill and provided an anticipated date of processing, complete the No Response task by entering payment information. If a reimbursement is not posted within 15 days, a new No Response task automatically generates and is assigned to the designated user.

If the bill is not on file, click ‘Submit, then enter ‘Reason for Resubmission’

If the claims administrator reported the bill is Not On File:

  1. Leave a note in Bill History describing the conversation with the claims administrator.
  2. Contact DaisyBill Support. It is important to let the DaisyBill compliance team know that there may be a problem with this claims administrator.
  3. Resubmit the bill. For the resubmitted bill, box 10d on the CMS 1500 will contain BGW2, the notation for a duplicate bill submission.

You’re on your way to getting it resolved!

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