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Last update
October 25, 2023

Need to go over your bills at a glance? Use the Bills Tab to view a summary of all your Bills for an Injury.

The Bills Tab shows general Bill information, including:

  • Bill ID
  • DOS
  • Charge
  • Payment Total
  • Balance Due
  • Status
  • Submission Type
  • Task Count

The Bills Tab also provides totals, including:

  • Charges
  • Payment Total
  • Balance Due

Step 1. From the Injury Page, click ‘View All’ on the Bill Count Button

Step 2. Review Bills

Click on a Bill to view its details.

Step 3. To filter information, enter a search term in the ‘Search’ box

You can search by Bill ID, DOS, Rendering Provider, Charge, Payment Total, Balance Due, Status, Submission Type, or Task Count. To undo, erase the text in the Search box.  

Step 4.  To sort ‘Bills’, click a column heading to sort by

  • For ascending order, click once.
  • For descending order, click twice.

That’s it!

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