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Post: $0 Reimbursement or Denial

Always post denials and $0 payment Explanation of Reviews (EORs).

Posting these ensures accurate reporting and prevents (or completes) No Response tasks. Posting $0 reimbursement is necessary for both Original Bills and any subsequent Second Bill Review submissions.

Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1. For your bill in ‘Accepted’ status, click ‘Post’

To prevent duplicate postings, only post $0 reimbursements for bills in ‘Accepted’ status. For more information, see the Help Topic: Bill Status.

Step 2. For ‘Amount’, enter ‘0’

Step 3. For ‘Reference Number’, enter either 0 or ‘No Check’

Step 4. For ‘Effective’, enter the date of EOR or Denial letter

Step 5. For ‘Bill Payment Amount’, enter ‘0’

Step 6. Enter the ‘Payer Claim Control Number’ found on the EOR

If a Payer Claim Control Number is not listed on the EOR, use the patient’s Claim Number. For more information, see the Help Article: Payer Claim Control Number. 

Step 7. Optional: click ‘Upload Paper EORs’ to upload a Paper EOR

DaisyBill will attach the uploaded EOR directly to the bill for easy reference in the future.  Best practice is to always upload the paper EOR.

Step 8. Click ‘Create Manual Posting’

Smart recordkeeping made easy!

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