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Bills in Incomplete status have not been submitted to the claims administrator. Incomplete bills still have outstanding tasks.


Congratulations -- a Bill in Sent status is on its way to the claims administrator.


A Bill in Accepted status indicates the claims administrator acknowledged receipt of the Bill and Supporting Documentation.


Processed status indicates the claims administrator has looked over the Bill and returned a response. A Bill in Processed status is ready for review to determine if reimbursement is accurate and next steps.


A Bill in Rejected status indicates the claims administrator was unable to match the Bill to a claim on file due to errors in the patient or injury information. Find the precise reason for the rejection in the Bill History.


Woohoo! Bills marked Closed don’t require any additional work! A Bill in Closed status has been deemed complete by your practice and doesn’t require further review.

DaisyBill Researching

Bills marked DaisyBill Researching are rare -- you may never see them. But if one pops up, don’t worry, we’re on it!


Lien status means a user at your practice determined that both the following conditions are true for the bill:

Independent Bill Review

A Bill in Independent Bill Review status indicates a user at your practice determined additional reimbursement is due, because the claims administrator incorrectly processed the Second Review.