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Claims administrators commonly remit a single check that reimburses multiple bills -- a Bulk Payment. Posting a Bulk Payment differs slightly from posting a check that reimburses a single bill.

Use the Add Bill Payment button when creating a Manual Posting to post a Bulk Payment.

Step 1. Locate the first bill matching the EOR, then click ‘Post to Bill’

Unless you are sure two payments have been made on the same Bill, always post to bills in Accepted status, not Processed status. For more information, see the Help Topic: Bill Status.

Step 2. Enter the check information, including ‘Amount’, ‘Reference Number’, and ‘Effective’

Service Line Items automatically populate once the Effective date is entered. Payment Form is an optional way to record the method of payment.  

Step 3. Post the bill as usual

For step-by-step assistance with these fields, see the Help Article: Post: Paper EOR.

Step 4. To post an additional bill paid with the same check, click ‘Add Bill Payment’

Step 5. Note these two ways to search for additional bills on EORs:

A) If DaisyBill Bill ID is known: Enter it in the Bill ID field, then click Search.

B) If DaisyBill Bill ID is unknown: Click Advanced Search. Enter the Patient Name and DOS (Date of Service) and click Search.

From the search results, click Select next to the Bill that matches the EOR.

Step 6. Repeat steps 3-5 until all bills paid with the check have been posted

Step 7. Optional: click ‘Upload Paper EORs’ to upload a Paper EOR

The EOR will be attached to each bill posted using this check.

Step 8. Optional: Click ‘Mark Check as Deposited?’ to complete ‘Deposit Check’ task

For deposited checks, click the Mark Check as Deposited? box and enter the deposit date. This automatically completes the Deposit Check task.

Step 9. Click ‘Create Manual Posting’

If you can’t click the Create Manual Posting button, review all non-optional steps for errors.

Your Bulk Payment is in the books!

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