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Bill Payments Explained

The Bill Payments section of a bill helps you keep track of payments and EORs received from Claims Administrators.

Electronic EOR

For bills submitted electronically, DWC rules require a claims administrator to transmit electronic explanation of reviews (EORs). Upon receipt of an electronic EOR, DaisyBill immediately posts it to the indicated bill.

Unmatched Posted Payments

Unmatched Posted Payments occur when a claims administrator remits an electronic explanation of review (EOR) that does not match the Service Line Item(s) or Units submitted on the Bill.

Payer Claim Control Number

When submitting an SBR, the original Explanation of Review (EOR) is not a required document, because the Payer Claim Control Number allows the claims administrator to reference the EOR sent for the original bill.

Post: Paper EOR

Some claims administrators refuse to accept electronic bills, or fail to remit electronic Explanations of Review (EORs) for electronically submitted bills.

Post: Bulk Payment

Claims administrators commonly remit a single check that reimburses multiple bills -- a Bulk Payment. Posting a Bulk Payment differs slightly from posting a check that reimburses a single bill.

Upload / View / Delete Paper EOR

Paper explanations of review (EORs) received from claims administrators contain important information regarding bill adjudication. Maintain a precise record of reimbursement by uploading paper EORs to all bills.

Post: $0 Reimbursement or Denial

Posting denials and $0 payment Explanation of Reviews (EORs) is essential.

Report / Edit / Delete Discount Contract

When provider contracts result in reimbursements below the Official Medical Fee Schedule (OMFS), use Discount Contract to track and report on them.

Edit Posted Payment

Need to edit the details of a posted payment? No problem!  Use the Edit feature on the Bill Page.

Void Posted Payment

To correct an erroneously posted payment, click the Void icon on the Bill Page. 

Apply Write Off Reasons

When closing a Bill, add a Write Off Reason to provide additional information about the write off.

Mark Bill as Lien - Lien Filed

Use DaisyBill’s Lien feature to identify Bills requiring a Lien or that have been filed for Lien.


Need to reopen a bill that was closed and written off? No problem.

Service Line Item Posting v. Bill Posting

Posted a Bill but it doesn’t quite look right?  Electronic EOR look funny? Here’s the most likely reason.