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Task: Injury Failed Review

If any of the required Injury information contains an error, DaisyBill assigns the designated user an Injury failed review task. When this happens, DaisyBill does not submit the bill for payment and marks the bill as Incomplete.

When a bill requires additional work, DaisyBill alerts you by assigning specific tasks. This keeps bills moving.

To prevent denials, DaisyBill scrubs the bill for errors:

  • Patient demographics
  • Injury information
  • Billed charges for date of service

To complete an Injury failed review task, go to the Injury Page and use ‘Edit Injury’ to correct the errors noted at the top.

Step 1. Review the errors, then click ‘Edit Injury’

Remember, injury errors are associated with one or more required Injury fields.

Step 2.  Make the corrections, then click ‘Save Changes’

Step 3.  Check for additional errors

Prior to submitting the bill, correct all errors. A red circle with an ‘X’ indicates the following:  

  • Next to the Patient name - a demographic error
  • Next to the Injury description - an error in the injury information
  • Next to the Bill - an error with date of services charges

A green circle with a check mark indicates all components are correct.


Note that Injury failed review tasks, like other tasks, appear in ‘Bill History.’

You’re one task closer to being finished!

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