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Task: Lien Required

Last update
November 13, 2023

Lien Required tasks generate when a user determines that additional reimbursement is due and marks the bill for Lien. This assigns a Lien Required task to the designated user.

Like all Tasks, Lien Required appears in your Task List and Bill History. Lien Required tasks are completed when the lien filing date is recorded in daisyBill.

Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1. From the Action Bar, click ’View Lien’

Alternatively, from the Injury page, click View next to Lien Not Filed.

Step 2. Click ‘Mark as Filed’

Step 3. Enter the filing date, then click ‘Save’

The Lien Required task then clears. The bill remains in Lien Status.

We hope it’s resolved quickly!

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