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September 24, 2023

 Adding new patients is super easy in daisyBill.

Step 1.  Search for Patient in Navigation Bar

Enter part of the new patient’s name in the search bar, then click the Magnifying Glass icon 🔍 or hit Enter on your keyboard

To prevent patient duplication, always search for a partial name PRIOR to adding a new patient. Pressing Enter returns all patients with similar names.

Step 2.  If no matching results, click ‘Add Patient’

Step 3.  Situational: Select a Billing Provider for the Patient

daisyBill associates the new patient with the chosen Billing Provider.  If your account has a single Billing Provider this step is not displayed.

Step 4.  Enter Patient Information - Required, then click ‘Save’

If you’re missing any required information, leave the field blank.  daisyBill will prompt you in the form of a Patient Failed Review task to return to the patient page and enter this information prior to being able to send a bill.

Pro Tips:

  • For patients without a SSN, or who will not provide an SSN enter ‘999-99-9999’ in the field.
  • Fill in Zip Code to automatically populate the City and State field.

Your new patient is ready to go!

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