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Add Patient

Adding new patients is super easy in DaisyBill.

Step 1.  Enter part of the new patient’s name in the search bar, then click the Magnifying Glass 🔍 or hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard

To prevent patient duplication, always search for a partial name PRIOR to adding a new patient. Pressing enter returns all patients with similar names.

Step 2.  If the patient isn’t already in the system, click ‘Add Patient’

Step 3.  From the pop-up, choose a Billing Provider for the patient

DaisyBill associates the new patient with the chosen Billing Provider.

Step 4.  Enter the Required Information, then click ‘Create Patient and Add Injury’

Enter the patient’s Required Information. 

Note: you must enter a Social Security Number (SSN). California workers’ comp billing rules mandate the use of a patient’s SSN for tracking purposes. For patients without a SSN, enter ‘999-99-9999’ in the field.

Fill in Zip Code to automatically populate the City field.

Your new patient is ready to go!

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