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Referring And Ordering Providers

Last update
February 13, 2024

Ensure billing accuracy by storing Referring And Ordering Providers information in Manage Billing Providers.  This information populates HCFA / CMS1500 Box 17.

Step 1. On the navigation bar, click ‘Settings’, then click the name of the Billing Provider

This will navigate directly to the specified Billing Provider.

Step 2. Click the ‘Billing Settings - Custom’ tab

Step 3. Click the ‘Referring And Ordering Providers’ card

Step 4. To add a Provider, click the ‘Add Provider’ button

Step 5. To automatically populate the provider’s information, enter their NPI and click ‘Search’

Step 6. Select ‘Provider Type’

Both Referring and Ordering can be selected, if needed.

Step 7. If you do not wish to automatically populate the fields by your provider’s NPI, you can manually enter the Provider’s information, then click the ‘Add’ button

Step 8. To edit a Provider, click the Provider’s name, then click the ‘Edit Provider’ button

When adding a new Referring Provider or Ordering Provider they are automatically marked as Active. To deactivate a Referring Provider or Ordering Provider and prevent them from being selected on new bills, click ‘No.’

That was easy!

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