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Manage Billing Providers

Manage Billing Providers is where it’s at. The driver’s seat.

Manage Billing Provder Explained - Customization

Manage Billing Providers is where it’s at. The driver’s seat.

Billing Provider Info

Update your Billing Provider Information including your Pay-to address, phone and fax number

Rendering Provider

DaisyBill makes it easy view and add required information for each Rendering Provider associated with a Billing Provider.

Add Rendering Provider Signature

Need to capture a provider signature?

Places of Service

The Places of Service stores required information for each Place of Service associated with a Billing Provider.

RFA Templates

RFA Templates get your authorizations done even faster.  RFA Templates automatically populate RFAs with predesignated Service Line Item information.

Referring Provider

Ensure billing accuracy by storing Referring Provider information in Settings.  This information populates HCFA / CMS1500 Box 17.  

Billed Charges

DaisyBill uses California workers’ comp fee schedules to do what used to take you hours -- automatically calculate Charge and Expected reimbursement amounts.

CMS1500 Forms

Things move fast in your organization. CMS 1500 Forms lets you confirm the accuracy of practice settings and information before submitting a bill.

Task Preferences

By default, DaisyBill assigns bill tasks to the staff member who created the bill. But if that’s not efficient for you, Organization Admins can use Task Preferences to change the default assignment preferences.

Box 19 Reasons

Use Box 19 Reasons to quickly add standard language directly to your Bills in CMS1500 box 19 ‘Additional Bill Information’.

Billing Templates

Billing Templates get your billing done even faster.  Billing Templates automatically populate Bills with predesignated Service Line Item information.

Supporting Document Library

The Supporting Document Library makes it easy to add Supporting Documents to a Bill.

Bill Write off Reasons

The Manage Billing Providers feature is limited to users with the Role of Organization Admin.

Second Review Reasons

Second Review Reasons make submitting Second Reviews a snap. Save your Second Review Reasons to use on future Second Reviews.

Service Line Item Custom Charges

DaisyBill automatically calculates Charge and Expected reimbursement amounts using the fees set by California workers’ comp fee schedules. When the state changes reimbursement amounts, DaisyBill recalculates Charge amounts as of the effective date of service.