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Task: No Response - IBR

Last update
September 24, 2023

When a reimbursement is not posted to the Independent Bill Review submission within 45 days, daisyBill automatically assigns a No Response - IBR task to the designated user.

Note: The No Response - IBR task is specific to California workers’ compensation bills.

For more information about Independent Bill Review, see the DWC’s website:

To complete this task, contact Maximus Federal Services to determine payment status.

Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1. Click ‘Contact Claims Administrator’, then contact Maximus for IBR processing status

  • Toll free: 1-855-865-8873
  • Fax: (916) 605-4280
  • Email:

Step 2. Report the Bill Payment Status with one of the five provided options.

Step 2a. If a voicemail was left, select ‘Message Left Requesting Bill Payment Status’

Step 2b. If the bill is on file but pending finalization, select ‘Explanation of Review (EOR) Pending’

Select this option if Maximus acknowledged receipt of the IBR, but no Final Determination has been issued to date.  This completes the No Response task.  

If a reimbursement is not posted within 15 days, a new No Response task automatically generates and is assigned to the designated user.

Step 2c. If the IBR is processed, select ‘Explanation of Review (EOR) Sent’ and enter call details

Select this option if Maximus indicated the IBR was processed and the Final Determination was sent.  This completes the No Response task and generates an EOR Missing task to remind the appropriate user to locate and post the Final Determination.

Step 2d. If the IBR is not on file, select ‘Bill Not On File’

Select this option if Maximus indicated the IBR was not received. This completes the No Response task.    

The IBR Submission Packet PDF generated by daisyBill is available from the Bill History page if you need to mail the IBR again.

Step 3. Click ‘Save’ once you have selected a Bill Payment Status

You’re on your way to getting this bill resolved!

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