Forward RFA

Need to fax or email a submitted RFA to a third party? No problem! Use the Forward RFA feature.

Forward RFA maintains the RFA’s original due date and submission date, so tracking stays accurate.

Forward RFAs sent via fax incur a $1.00 fee up to 10 pages, plus .10 per additional page. Forwards sent via email are free!

Here’s how it works.

Step 1. From the RFA page, click the ‘More’ button, followed by ‘Forward’

Forward RFAs sent via email are free. Text entered in the Message field is included in the body of the email.

RFA Forward emails are sent from If the recipient replies to the email, the reply is sent directly to the sender (not to DaisyBill).

Enter the recipient’s email address in the Email Address box.

Step 2. To forward an RFA by fax, select ‘Fax’ under ‘Choose Method’

Remember, Forward RFAs sent via fax incur a $1.00 fee up to 10 pages, with .10 per additional page.

From the Select Contact dropdown menu, select a Contact and the contact information will be automatically populated. Alternatively, you may enter a different fax number.

Now on to bigger and better things!

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