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Payer List Explained

Last update
February 14, 2024

Updated Payer ID Lists are sent to your Organization’s Integration Contact(s) the first Monday of every month.

Payer IDs can also be looked up at any time in daisyBill along with a list of changes since the last Payer ID List was published.

To designate Integration Contact(s), please contact the Help Center. For more information, see this Help Article: Help Center Explained.

Step 1. On the navigation bar, click the ‘Integration’ icon, then select ‘Payer List’

Don’t see this option? This means integration is not turned on for your account. Chat with us if you’d like to set up an integration between your legacy system and daisyBill!

Step 2. To filter information, enter a search term in the ‘Search’ box

Search by Claims Administrator Name, Also Known As, or Payer ID. To undo, erase the text in the Search box.

Step 3. To download the ‘Payer List’, click ‘Download’

The Payer List will download as a CSV file, which is a universal spreadsheet format that can be opened using any spreadsheet program.

Step 4. To sort the ‘Payer List’, click the column heading to sort by

By default, the Payer List is sorted alphabetically by Claims Administrator Name.

  • For ascending order, click the column heading once.
  • For descending order, click the column heading again.

Step 5. To view changes to the Payer List, click the ‘Comparison’ tab

The Comparison tab shows updates made since the last time the list was sent to the Integration Contact(s).

Onward to happy daisyBilling!

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