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Task: Document Required

Once ‘Create Bill’ is clicked, DaisyBill checks for errors. If DaisyBill detects a missing Document, DaisyBill assigns a Document Required task. When this happens, DaisyBill does not submit the bill for payment and marks the bill as Incomplete.

Completing Document Required tasks is simple. Just go to the Bill page and click ‘Add’ in the ‘Supporting Documents’ section.

Step 1. See what’s missing, then click ‘Add’ in the ‘Supporting Documents’ section of the Bill Page

supporting documentation add.png 

Step 2.  Click ‘Choose’, or drag the file to ‘Drop file here’

Documents MUST be in PDF format.

Note: if your file doesn’t upload, click ‘Having trouble? Try our basic uploader’

Step 3.  Select ‘Report Type’

Step 4.  Click ‘Upload Document’

Note that Document Required tasks, like other tasks, appear in ‘Bill History.’

You’re all set!

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