Task: Rejected Bill

When a claims administrator rejects a Bill, DaisyBill assigns a Rejected Bill task to the designated user.

Rejected Bills occur when the claims administrator cannot match the submitted Bill to a claim on file. When this occurs, contact the claims administrator to verify the claim information.

Step 1. From the Bill History, click on the ‘double arrow’ icon or line indicating ‘The claims administrator rejected the submission’

The claims administrator provides a rejection reason. Notes from DaisyBill may also provide additional information.

Step 2. From the Action Bar, click ‘Claims Administrator Profile,’ view their phone number, and call

Step 3. Verify patient and injury information with the claims administrator

Verify the following six pieces of information from the Bill Page with the claims administrator:

  • Name (including spelling)
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Employer Name
  • Date of Injury
  • Claim number (including dashes and leading zeros)

Step 4. Correct the necessary information, then click ‘Submit’

When the claims administrator has helped you identify the error, make changes and re-submit the bill. All changes will be notated in red.

For more information on editing Patient Demographics, see the Help Article: Edit Patient.

For more information on editing Injury Information, see the Help Article: Edit or View Injury.

That should do it!

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