Institutional Billing - UB-04
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UB-04 Add Bill

Last update
February 26, 2024

Need to add another bill to an injury?  Easy!

Step 1.  From the Injury Page, click ‘Add Bill’

You can also click ‘Add Bill’ from the Bill Count breadcrumb

Step 2.  Enter ‘Required’ Information

Step 3.  Enter ‘Optional’ Information if applicable

If billed services are authorized, we recommend including the Authorization Number.

Step 4 (Optional) If desired, apply a billing template

For more information on creating a billing template, refer to the Help Article UB-04 Billing Template

Step 5.  Enter Diagnosis Codes

Diagnosis Codes entered on the patient’s Injury Page automatically appear on the Bill.  For help on adding Diagnosis Codes to the Injury Page, see this Help Article: Edit or View Injury.

Step 6.  Enter ‘Procedure Code’, ‘Modifiers’, and ‘Units’, then click ‘Create Bill’

  • For additional procedure codes, repeat Step 5.
  • New blank fields for Service Line Items automatically display.
  • The maximum number of Service Line Items is 50.
  • To delete a Service Line Item, click the Trash can icon next to it.

There it is: a beautiful bill!

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