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Supporting Documents - Add / View / Edit / Delete

Most of the time, a Bill isn’t enough by itself. California law often requires Supporting Documents to substantiate charges.

Here’s how to add, view, edit, and delete Supporting Documents.

Step 1.  To add a document from the Bill Page, scroll to ‘Supporting Documents,’ then click ‘Add’

Step 2.  Click ‘Choose’ to select a file or drag your file to the ‘Drop File Here’ box

Supporting Documents MUST be in PDF format.

Note: If your file doesn’t upload, click ‘Having trouble? Try our basic uploader.’

Step 3.  Select ‘Report Type’

Step 4.  Click ‘Upload Document’

Repeat steps 1-4 for each additional document.

Step 5.  To view or edit a previously uploaded document, scroll to ‘Supporting Documents,’ then click on the document’s ‘Filename’

Step 6.  From the Basic Information tab, choose View, Download as PDF, Report Type, or Remove

  • To view Supporting Document, click the View tab
  • To download as PDF, click the Download as PDF link
  • To change Report Type, Select New Report Type
  • To remove the Supporting Document, click Remove

Step 7.  From the View tab, choose Rotate, Download, or Print

  • To Rotate the document clockwise, click the Rotate icon
  • To download as PDF, click the Download icon
  • To print, click the Printer icon

Step 7.  To save changes, click ‘Update Document’

There, wasn’t that simple?

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