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Incomplete Tasks

Step 1. On the Navigation Bar, click ‘Reporting’

Only users with the Role of Reporter or Organization Admin have this button.

Step 2. Click the ‘Task Productivity’ card

Step 3. Click the ‘Incomplete Tasks’ card

Step 4. Optional: Select an additional ‘Column’ to display

 Select Billing Provider to include a column for the Billing Provider name.  Select Task Type to see the type of tasks (e.g. Bill Failed Review, Denial Received).

Step 5. Optional: Select one or more ‘Filters’

Filters limit results.  Add a Filter to limit results by Billing Provider, User, Rendering Provider, Place of Service, and/or Task Type.

Step 6. Click ‘Run Report’

Step 7. View more details by clicking on ‘Task Count’ number

Step 8. To download report click ‘Download CSV’

CSV is a universal spreadsheet format that can be opened using any spreadsheet program.

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