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Copy Service Calculator

To use the Copy Service Calculator to calculate reimbursements for Copy Services, follow these instructions.

Step 1. Select ‘Copy Service’

Step 2. Enter ‘Date of Service’

An accurate OMFS reimbursement amount requires the Date of Service, because OMFS reimbursement amounts are calculated using the fee schedule(s) in effect on the date the services were rendered. The Copy Service Fee Schedule became effective 7/1/2015.

Step 3. Enter ‘Procedure Code’

Enter the California specific copy service code.

Step 4. Enter ‘Units’

Enter the number of Units to represent the quantity of the Procedure Code.

Step 5. Optional: Enter ‘Total Allowed’

Enter the reimbursement amount allowed by the claims administrator as reported on an explanation of review (EOR). If not provided, this optional field defaults to $0. The Total Allowed amount is used to calculate the Percent Fee Schedule on the calculation page.

Step 6. Optional: Repeat steps 3-5 for additional ‘Procedure Codes’

Additional Procedure Code fields will populate automatically.

Step 7. Click ‘Calculate’

Click the ‘Trashcan’ icon to delete a Procedure Code from calculation.

Step 8. View Calculations

For more information on calculations see the Help Article: Calculator Explained.

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