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Task: Payment Deposit Date Missing

Last update
February 9, 2024

When a payment is posted to a Bill, but not marked as deposited within 10 days, daisyBill generates a Payment Deposit Date Missing task and assigns the task to a designated user.

The Payment Deposit Date Missing task indicates the bill has a Bill Payment that has been outstanding for 10 days or more. When the payment is received, complete the task in one of two ways:

From Payment Deposit Date Missing Page

From Bill

From Payment Deposit Date Missing Page

Step 1. After selecting User Incomplete Tasks or Account Incomplete Tasks from the homepage, select ‘Payment Deposit Date Missing

Step 3. For Accounts with multiple Billing Providers: select the Billing Provider for whom you are adding Deposit Date(s)

Step 4. Select payments to add Deposit Date

A running count and total amount is displayed for selected payments.  

Pro Tip: use the search field to search by any data element.  Sort a column by clicking on the column heading.

Step 5. Click ‘Add Deposit Date’ and provide deposit date

From Bill

Step 1. From the task on the Bill Page, click ‘Add Deposit Date’

Or, click Add under Deposit Date in the Explanations of Review Posted section.

Step 2. Enter ‘Deposit Date’, then click ‘Add’

All done!

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