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Bill Tasks

Task: Deposit Payment

Last update
February 6, 2023

When a payment is posted to a Bill, but not marked as deposited within 10 days, daisyBill generates a Deposit Payment task and assigns the task to a designated user.

The Deposit Payment task indicates the bill has a Bill Payment that has been outstanding for 10 days or more. When the payment is received, complete the task in one of two ways:

  1. From Bill Page
  2. From Undeposited Payments Page

From Bill Page

Step 1. From the Bill Page, click ‘Deposit’

Step 2. Enter ‘Deposit Date’, then click ‘Deposit Payment’

From Undeposited Payments Page

Step 1. On the navigation bar, click ‘Billing Providers,’ then select a Billing Provider

Step 2. Click ‘Undeposited Payments’

Step 3. Select the payment(s) to mark deposited

Select multiple payments at once if deposited on the same day.

Step 4. Click ‘Deposit Payments’

Step 5.  Enter the ‘Date of Deposit,’ then click ‘Deposit Payments’

This field accepts future dates in addition to current and past dates.

All done!

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