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Bill Page Explained

Here we are. The main event! From the Bill Page you can view and work on Bills.

Edit Bill

Bill information changes. Here’s how to edit a bill before submission.

Copy Bill

For even more efficient billing, use Copy to duplicate an existing bill.  Copying a bill will create an exact duplicate that can be edited prior to submission.

Delete Bill

Here’s how to delete unsubmitted bills from DaisyBill.

Add Bill

Need to add another bill to an injury?  It’s super easy!

Add Referring or Ordering Provider

Need to add a Referring Provider or an Ordering Provider? It’s easy. Select the Provider Type in the Optional section.

Apply Box 19 Reasons

Use Box 19 Reasons to access saved standard language for additional bill information.

Apply Billing Template

Billing Templates get your billing done even faster.  Billing Templates automatically populate bills with predesignated service line item information.