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Calculator Explained

DaisyBill’s Calculator uses current California workers’ comp fee schedules to instantly calculate accurate reimbursements.

IBR Decision Search Explained

Use the IBR Decision Search to search DaisyBill’s database of Independent Bill Review (IBR) decisions.

MPN List Explained

The MPN List helps keep track of Medical Provider Networks approved by California Division of Workers’ Comp. The MPN list includes the MPN website, status, approval date and more.

Fee Schedule Alerts Explained

Create Physician Fee Schedule Alerts to be instantly notified of changes in reimbursement for any Procedure Code or NDC number you’re tracking.  

Claims Administrator Directory Explained

For all the Claims Administrator information you’ve ever wanted in one handy place, use DaisyBill’s Claims Administrator Directory!  Get information on Bill Reviews, Mailing Addresses, common Claim Number Patterns and more all with one easy tool.  

Drug Formulary Explained

Use the Drug Formulary to Filter the drug list by Drug Class, Condition, ACOEM Recommendation and /or Exemption Status.