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OWCP Provider Registration Required - EDI Submission Details

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June 6, 2022

daisyBill has established a direct electronic connection to The Department of Labor Office of Workers' Compensation Programs!

With OWCP’s bill review change, providers are required to complete the Provider Enrollment Application (OWCP-1168).

You can find this application and its instructions on the OWCP website at this link.

daisyBillers -- in this application, daisyBill should be designated as your Billing Agent. daisyBill will submit your bills to OWCP compliantly and OWCP will return electronic EORs to daisyBill, which will automatically post to your bills.

The EDI and Billing Agent details should be completed in Part G, H, and I of the application form.

Part G: EDI Submission Method

25. Mode of Submission - select 'Billing Agent/Clearinghouse'

Part H: EDI Submitter Details

26a. Billing Agent/Clearinghouse OWCP ID - 700054700

26b. Start Date - 04/30/2020

26c. End Date - This field can be left blank

Part I: EDI Contact Details

27a. Contact Title: EDI Operations

27b. Last Name: Fong

27c. First Name: Kevin

27d: Phone Number: 6468477711

28a. Address: 2093 Philadelphia Pike #8772

28b. City/Town: Claymont

28c. State/Province: Delaware

28d. Zip Code: 19703

The rest of this page can be left blank.

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