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Converting 10-digit NDC Numbers to 11 Digits

Last update
April 18, 2017

Many NDCs are displayed on drug packaging in the 10 digit format. However, when entering an NDC number on a bill, the NDC must be 11 digits. No sweat – it’s just a matter of adding a well-placed zero. Our guide below shows you how to convert 10-digit National Drug Code (NDC) numbers to 11 digits.


Converting NDCs from a 10-digit to an 11-digit format requires placing the zero in the correct location based on the 10-digit format.

  • For a 10 digit NDC in the 4-4-2 format, add a 0 in the 1st position.
  • For a 10 digit NDC in the 5-3-2 format, add a 0 in the 6th position.
  • For a 10 digit NDC in the 5-4-1 format, add a 0 in the 10th position.

In table form:



In the examples below, the additional zero is bolded:

0574-4072-05 → 00574-4072-05

51655-089-52 51655-0089-52

58118-1397-3 → 58118-1397-03

Important: The hyphens you see in this guide are only used to illustrate the NDC format. When including an NDC on a bill, DO NOT use hyphens.
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