Zurich Appeals Explained

With Zurich’s noncompliant interpretation of California's timely filing rules, your practice is likely due a substantial amount of additional revenue. To ensure you collect on this outstanding money, DaisyBill has identified bills that are owed further reimbursements and automated the appeal process to collect on them and the audit complaint process to alert the California DWC.

Step 1. From the DaisyBill Home Screen, click ‘Zurich Appeals’

Step 2. Review ‘Denied Bill - Summary’

The Denied Bill Summary provides an overview of the Bill Count, Second Review Appeal Status and the Balance Due for impacted bills.

Step 3.  Opt In to Activate Free Automatic Second Review Appeals and Audit Complaints

DaisyBill is offering to automatically create and send your Second Review appeals free of charge for bills impacted by Zurich’s error. In addition, you may choose to have DaisyBill submit an Audit Complaint on your behalf for each impacted bill to the DWC. To opt in toggle the button ‘On’ next to each option.

Once activated (‘on’), the toggle button will show as green.

Step 4. Review your denied Zurich bills

A list of all Zurich bills that qualify for a free appeal will appear by default, under the ‘All’ category. This includes eligible bills that have already been appealed as well as those that have yet to be sent.

The ‘Sent’ category will only show eligible bills for which reconsiderations have already been submitted.

The ‘Not Appealed’ section will contain eligible bills which have not yet been appealed. If you have opted in for automatic appeals, DaisyBill will send these appeals within one business day of appearing on the list.

Get ready to collect more revenue!

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