TPA Change: JCPenney Switches Third-Party Administrator

JCPenney no longer utilizes third-party claims administrator Sedgwick Claims Management Services. The retail department store chain transferred all claims to AIG Claims, Inc., effective February 2, 2018.

The TPA switch applies to all dates of service, as JCPenney moved all claims from Sedgwick to AIG.

Importantly, claim numbers do not remain the same. AIG has assigned new identifying claim numbers to the the transferred claims. Prior to submitting a bill, we strongly recommend that providers obtain the new AIG claim number and verify the patient demographics and injury date with AIG.

Providers should submit any appeals for second review to AIG, including those for bills originally submitted to Sedgwick. Providers may direct inquiries to AIG at (877)-802-5246.

We’ll keep readers informed of any other significant changes regarding California employers, insurers, and claims administrators.

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